Butterfly Embellishments With A Heart Punch

Forget looking for coordinating embellishments for your spring projects ever again! You can make matching butterflies using the same paper you're working with and have them ready in just minutes.

You only need a few simple tools - a piece of paper, a small length of wire, a heart punch, scissors and glue.

 Fold your paper in half and punch two hearts from the folded edge. Try to make them as close to the same depth into the paper as possible. 

Fold the end of the wire into a "V" shape and cut evenly.

This will be the antenna for the butterfly. Cover the back of one butterfly with glue, lay the wire in the middle and place the second butterfly on top. Basically, you're making a butterfly sandwich.

Trim up the edges as necessary and you'll have tiny little butterflies to cover your paper crafts.


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