Sunday Sketch

Get ready to tie a ribbon around the perfect little package with today's sketch. Now is the chance to pull out those ribbon scraps you've been saving up and create a one-of-a-kind card.

Choose a background pattern or color that is subtle enough to make the focal point stand out. Double mat it if you'd like for some extra dimension.

On either side of your focal point (a fun image or piece cut from a coordinating patterned paper), you'll tie a small piece of ribbon around a strip running the entire width of the card.

Finish it off with the perfect sentient and you're all set to share a special hand-written message.

For my card, I chose a fun, pattern-striped paper as the background. This way I wouldn't have to put a solid color behind it.

Then I cut a solid purple strip to run across the card, which is just taller than the sentiment. Sometimes it's easier to make a mat fit the sentiment rather than trying to find a sentiment to fit your mat.

I cut out a coordinating flower image for my focal point and chose ribbon that was the same color as the darkest teal in the picture. Two quick knots and it's all done!

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