Open-Faced Veggie Sandwiches

Here's a wonderful recipe for the days you want to eat clean and feel a little healthier. It's my new go-to lunch, and I always have the ingredients on hand. This makes me less likely to eat junk and choose something tasty and wonderful instead.

To learn how to make the homemade baked tortilla chips, click here.

For each sandwich, you'll need:
- an English muffin
- four tomato slices
- four cucumber slices
- one avocado

1. Halve the avocado and scoop it out. Mash it into a thick paste.

2. Cut the English muffin in half and cover with the mashed avocado.

3. Layer on the tomato and cucumber slices.

4. Serve with baked chips, fruit and a big glass of water.


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