Upcycled Cappuccino Can Caddy

As you can tell from the cans in this picture, I love cappuccino. It's my morning, quiet time drink while I'm doing my Bible study. You know, a little kick to start the day.

I felt bad about just recycling the cans or throwing them away, so I turned them into a neat caddy that can be updated and embellished for whatever occasion I'm using it for.

You can easily make one yourself with whatever sizes of cans you have empty.

To start, measure a piece of scrap wood and cut it to the length of three cans and just taller than the cans. Spray paint everything in the same color or coordinating colors.

Once they're dry, use hot glue to secure the cans to the wood. Let it dry completely.

I didn't like any of the white handles at the hardware store, so I found a black one that I liked and spray painted it to match. Then just attach the handle to the wood with the included screws. Danny drilled two holes for me to get them started.

Then you can tie them up with yarn, ribbon or any other coordinating embellishments. I chose a neutral color so I can change everything out as needed. I'm thinking about adding chalkboard tags to the top half of each can for labels. The possibilities are endless!


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