Is That Your 'No Trespassing' Sign?

At the very front of our property is a trail that winds around to an old deer blind. Almost immediately after we moved in, we noticed tire tracks around this trail as though it was being used regularly. This was really an issue for me because I didn't like the thought of someone I didn't know being on the property. And I never would have known they were there because you can't see that trail from the house.

So Danny put in some posts to keep vehicles from going back there. We also let it grow up so you can't even see the trail itself any more.

But most prominently, there is a bright yellow sign. It catches the eye immediately and lets everyone know that they need our permission to be on the property. This not only protects us from unsavory characters on our land, but it also protects us from having someone get injured while on our property without our knowledge. It's safety as much as knowing who's around.

Christian women should protect their hearts in exactly the same way. If it was possible, we should have a large, yellow sign on our hearts that says "No trespassing! No one allowed here without permission!"

What generally happens is we let a little of the world into our hearts when we watch television. We let a little in when we read ungodly books and magazines. We let a little in when we're looking at ungodly sites on the Internet. And we let a little in when we interact with unbelievers in the course of our day.

By placing a No Trespassing sign on our hearts, we are reminded that nothing comes in that we don't allow. We actively and consciously choose what to watch, read and hear every day.

And it's not only a reminder to us, it's a warning to those around us who would love to see our hearts and minds polluted with the garbage of the world. They might think twice if they knew we were standing guard at the path's entrance.

Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23

Scripture says that if we don't keep our hearts diligently - purposefully and continually - that we'll end up contaminated and discouraged. By putting out our No Trespassing sign, we're more aware of what gets all the way to our heart. God has given us a great responsibility, the keeping of His vessel, and we must restrict all that comes in.

Trespassers of the heart are everywhere, but God's wisdom and discernment help us cut off the path, put up a wall and post clearly that no one is allowed in without permission. If we follow through, we will able to present the Lord with issues of life that were lived just for Him, giving Him all the glory and honor for the condition of our hearts.


  1. The one thing missing here is a religious thought, person, or cult that sends out information in disguise. I try and run everything by my husband. I seek his opinion on these items of information from people who claim to be Christian or especially have come up with some new doctrine. Most husbands (there are exceptions of course) have our best interest in mind and want to protect us and the family.


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