A Great State Fair

 We finally had a weekend with no plans, so we had a special Date Day at the Iowa State Fair. It was the last Saturday of the fair, so it was pretty crowded, but we had such a good time together.

My favorite building on the entire fairgrounds is the baby building. They showcase all the animals that had babies while at the fair. These were the week-old piglets. Their coats were still all shiny and silky. (Their cuteness almost overcame the smell.)

Four cows had given birth, including this adorable little guy. He was only a few hours old, so he didn't care about us much, but his mama was sure keeping an eye on things.

Who says Iowans don't have a sense of humor? Get it - kid? There were two sets of triplet goats and a set of twins. The vet techs were holding up a couple of the calmer ones so we could pet them. Yes, I fell in love.

We also go through the show barns every year. You can see the biggest hog, the biggest bull and the best in every animal category. We always enjoy the largest horses, each with their own personality. You can always find one that just wants love. Maybe we need to get a very large horse to match our very large dog...

There are always plenty of great contests and exhibitions to see, too. This year we saw the weight-lifting competition and the wood carver. I think both events gave Danny some motivation and inspiration.

And, of course, there's the food. We had turkey burgers, Cajun chicken on a stick, turkey tender sandwiches, handmade fries and fresh-squeezed lemonade. I had planned on having the apple pie on a stick, but once we finished off this maple bacon funnel cake, that wasn't happening.

It's only 351 days until the next fair!


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