Chalkboard Clothespin Price Tags

 It's only five and a half weeks until Walk On Art Street. The time is absolutely flying by, and I'm trying to work on a few last-minute items before we start putting our layout together.

This week I finished up our price tags. I made several out of tree slices last week, and these are just as cute. Clothespins, some card board and chalkboard paint is all I needed.

I cut a piece of card board just larger than the clothespin.

Then made enough for all my clothespins.

I sprayed card stock with four coats of chalkboard paint and let it dry overnight.

Once they were completely dry, I attached them to the clothespins with hot glue. Now they're all ready to go! We can clip them to the baskets, to the shelves and even in the branches of the tree we use to display ornaments.


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