Sunday Sketch

There's nothing more fun than receiving a handmade card in the mail - unless it's a unique card that doesn't do exactly what you expect!

Today's sketch will have you thinking outside the proverbial box with a different fold and a special detail that you won't find on a store-bought card.

Make your card long horizontally with the fold on the short side on the left. This may be quite different than the way you're used to laying out cards.

Then layer your card like normal with a solid color and patterned paper for your background. Once you've got your paper in place, use a circle punch to take a half-circle out of the top layer ONLY on the right hand side. You want the back layer completely intact because you're going to add a special embellishment.

For my card, I folded it to measure 5.5x4.25 inches. Then I layered a pretty floral pattern on top of a marbled blue paper.

To make the notch, I used a 1-inch circle punch to take out that half circle. This goes through the card stock and decorator paper of the front half of the card only.

Because you need the back part of the card intact to add the flower and metal brad like I did. When folded up, you'll see them as part of the front design, but you'll still see them when you open the card.

I finished the card by adding tiny gems as the centers of the flowers and the matted Bible verse.

For more great ideas, come visit out Etsy shop. You'll find many different paper crafts and wood gifts, with a huge selection to choose from.


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