The Blessings Of Someone Else's Salvation

Last night, I had the extreme honor of leading a friend's young daughter to the Lord. Still in elementary school, her eyes lit up as we walked the Romans Road. She tenderly asked the Lord to come into her heart and love her and save her. I've led adults to the Lord before, but there is something special about watching a child make that decision.

From that moment on, she spent the evening glowing. Everything about her spoke of joy and freedom. It was a beautiful thing to see. She told everyone she could that she'd gotten saved and that Jesus now lived in her heart.

It was incredibly contagious. People who had come back for the evening service tired and grumpy couldn't help but smile along with her. Those dreading the end of the weekend felt a little lighter as they watched her bounce and bubble over with her new-found relationship with the Lord.

And now today, I have a little of that glow as well. Seeing her excitement and enthusiasm helped me remember what's most important. Some of the weight of the week has fallen off, and I looked forward to my quiet time to start the day.

But as time passes, the newness of that joy tends to wear off and we become complacent in our Christianity. We get stuck in a rut and things don't seem as new and sparkling as they did those first days after we got saved.

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Psalm 51:12

It's not my salvation - it's God's. It's a precious gift that He gave through His Son, and it instills the most perfect joy in our hearts. Instead of diminishing as days pass, the time we spend with the Lord should increase that joy exponentially. Imagine having even more joy in your heart today than you did on the day of your salvation!

I hope that today you'll pray as David did, that God will restore unto you the joy of His salvation. What a wonderful day it could be if we were all overflowing with joy like my young friend is!


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