You Are My Sunshine Centerpieces

 We had an amazing day Saturday at our church's Mother/Daughter luncheon. We had an enormous salad bar and lemonade bar set up for lunch, and several of our ladies spoke about what they had learned from their mothers and grandmothers that they're passing down to their girls.

Then all of the young girls sang You Are My Sunshine for their moms. It was the cutest thing ever, and they held up big yellow sunshines to complete the picture.

And our speaker, Sandi Nihart, was such a blessing to our hearts. She spoke about how God is our sunshine, but we're also a sunshine to Him. It fit in so perfectly with our ladies Sunday School lesson the next morning and Pastor's message in the morning service that we wondered if they'd all been talking together and planning it.

Our You Are My Sunshine theme was perfect for decorating in pink and yellow and lemonade. These were the center pieces we used on the tables, which were covered in pink and yellow tablecloths.

Start by slicing a lemon in half, and then make three or four thin slices. You want to leave a good chunk of the end.

You'll use that end to make "florist foam" that you don't have to cover up. These flowers were four for $1 at the dollar store, so we were able to use two per goblet.

Once in the goblet, you can push them in further, so the stems come out the bottom of the lemon. Then just arrange the lemon slices around the edges and fill it with water. They were absolutely beautiful on the tables, and we put several of them out in the sanctuary for Sunday services.


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