When The Wall Falls Down

The one project I wanted to complete last week was getting the corner flower garden by the big garage dug up and replanted. I found two packages of Iowa wildflowers that I very much wanted to use, and the weather was going to be perfect.

But when I went outside to get started, a corner of the retaining wall fell down. I felt very much like an inhabitant of Jericho as stone after stone let gravity have its way. 

So before I could do anything else, Danny had to take down the entire section of wall and start over. It wasn't the project we had intended for the day, but it greatly needed it. Over time, the dirt had settled and pushed some of the blocks out of place. All we had to do was dig them out, level the ground and put them back in.

It took close to three hours, but the wall looks wonderful once again and I was able to get my garden dug out at the same time. I got my seeds in place and even have a few little sprouts. I was so proud of that, and I went running in to tell Danny. When he went to get the truck out to go to work the next day, he couldn't help but laugh. "You know that's grass growing in there, right?" We'll see.


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