An Altered Basket Wall Hanging

 I get very tired of reading instructions for craft and DIY projects that require you to buy 27 things, take hours of work and force you to take out a second mortgage to put together. I'd much rather put something together with bits and pieces I already have and wouldn't use otherwise.

That's why I made this altered basket wall hanging, complete with one of my favorite Scriptures. I have used the basket for many different things over the years, but it's been in the top of a cabinet for several months. I bought the burlap for my tree slice wreath, and the flowers are from my Easter bulletin board at the church. I printed out the verse on paper I already had, and I pulled out my glue gun, which was fully loaded.

Three easy steps ...

... and four pieces later, I have a beautiful hanging for the dining room.

I wove the burlap through the bottom, and I was completely surprised that exactly four widths fit through. Couldn't have done that if I'd planned it.

Then I hot glued three flowers into the corner, making sure there was plenty of glue holding it in. You have to be even more diligent when it's hanging up - thank you, gravity.

I printed out my verse and matted it on heavy blue card stock and attached it with 3D pop dots. One strategically placed nail and it's exactly like I pictured it.

And without spending a single penny. I like that.


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