Babies On The Property

I need to update a post from a couple of weeks ago. I showed you pictures of Molly and a bunny checking each other out over breakfast. 

The first clarification I need to make is that this is not a he bunny, but a she bunny. Yes, she was eating breakfast, but she was doing so over her brand-new nest.

 Right outside the sun room window was a tiny, warm, dry nest. She had four babies, and they are the sweetest things ever. The eventually grew too big for the nest and hopped around the corner of the house to the fawn pen. It has tall grass i it, so they felt safe there. It's empty now, so we're hoping they've found new homes elsewhere on the property.

We also have another nest over the security light on the big garage. Part of it fell down during the storms last fall, so we pulled the rest down. She rebuilt it very quickly, and these are her first babies of the year. She'll have another set later in the summer. It wouldn't surprise me if they flew away over the weekend.

And, of course, the ponds are full of baby fish and tadpoles. That means lots of baby frogs soon, singing away all day. Ah, spring on the property is so much fun!


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