Sunday Sketch

Today's sketch is a simple card with an impactful focal point, or several focal points, down the middle of the card. The size and shape of your centerpiece will let you know what kinds of patterns and embellishments you can use.

Double mat the card with two colors of card stock or a card stock and a decorator paper. If you have room, you can add even more - layers are lovely!

You can stack three words, three parts of verses or three images in the middle, slightly overlapping each one. If you flip the sketch to make it a tall card, you'll have more room up and down, but less width. This will work best if you have more than three words or images.

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, this is the card I made. I changed the sketch from a rectangle to a square, and double matted it with black textured card stock and a glossy BDU patterned paper.

To keep with the stacked blocks down the center, I cut two words out of another piece of patterned paper and ink-distressed them. In the middle is my Bible verse, double-matted and ink-distressed.

For a little something extra and to fill up blank space, I punched stars out of patterned paper and adhered them to each corner.

This card, along with many other paper crafts and wood gifts, is available in our Etsy shop. Come visit today for more inspiration and some great gift ideas.


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