Sunday Sketch

Today's sketch requires you to be able to draw or cut on a straight line, so get your straight edge and cutter ready!

There are two ways to look at this sketch. In one, you can have a solid background with stripes of pattern on top.

In the other, you can have a busier background with just thin strips on top.

In either scenario, you'll have a focal point phrase or image in the middle.
For my card, I chose a dark pink background. Then I cut strips of decorator paper for the top and bottom stripes. This let me know how thick the middle stripe needed to be, and it is matted on coordinating card stock.

The focal point is a party hat image double matted and raised on 3D adhesive for some added dimension.

To do the reverse, I could have made a complete background out of the tiny dots, then made tiny strips of color on top of it. The fun part is deciding which way you want to try this first.

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