Exercise With A Great Dane Puppy

Hi Molly! Ready to go outside?

It's so much fun to exercise with a 17-month-old Great Dane puppy. She explores absolutely everything, giving me time to catch up with her. She's much lighter on her feet than I am.

Walks mean checking out her favorite spots, like where the beaver is trying to barricade the water flowing from the big pond to the stream. When she pauses, I hurry to catch up.

And then comes the hill. This spot is amazingly photogenic, but it's also a bear to climb. I trade my walking shoes for waders when we're down by the pond, so that makes for a little extra effort.

But the top of the hill is totally worth it.

Molly's not even winded yet, which means we either loop around one of the trails or head back down and go up the other side of the big pond.

Mommy? Are you still back there? Come on!

There's lots for a puppy to learn about when we're out on our walks. Here she's exploring a mole hole. The trail went along the entire side of the pond - they keep very busy.

And the treat at the end of a walk is always sticks ... for Molly anyway. Even if they're longer than she is.

Keeping her exercised and worn out has been a great way for me to be more active, too. And the view doesn't hurt, either.


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