A Dog And Her Bunny

On a beautiful spring day this week, I took pictures of the bunny rabbit that was having its breakfast outside my craft room window.

See? Isn't he photogenic?

Then Molly came to see what I was looking at. Apparently she had never seen a rabbit before because she was mesmerized. She started out watching him through the top window.

Then she realized she could lay down and see him through the bottom window. She's nothing if not resourceful ... and lazy. This put them at eye level, and he could definitely see her.

Even when I went upstairs to make lunch, she stayed put, just watching him. She barked a little once or twice, but other than that, she was perfectly still.

And this was almost 45 minutes later. Bunny is outside happily chewing on his breakfast while seeing eye-to-eye with an enormous dog. She never moved a muscle, except to follow him with her eyes.

I can't wait for her to see the deer up close ... she looks just like them.


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