Told For A Memorial

Memorial Day, once known as Decoration Day, was originally a day to honor Civil War soldiers who died in battle. It has expanded and changed some over the years, but is still a special day to remember those who have died in combat.

Many people will spend today visiting cemeteries, sharing stories of their loved ones and spending time with family and friends. These are precious moments that remind us of those who have gone on before us, giving their last full measure of devotion for our country.

Memorials are very important to God, as there are more than 30 references to them in the Bible. Most of the 28 mentions in the Old Testament were about remembering what God had done for them. Piles of rocks, books of the law and Aaron's ephod were all called memorials, setting in plain sight the mighty acts of a great and powerful heavenly Father.

Two of the New Testament mentions of memorials, however, were about a woman. Matthew and Mark both tell the story of Mary anointing Jesus in Bethany. Her alabaster box of precious ointment was poured over His head, preparing Jesus for His burial instead of selling it for profit. Jesus quieted the nay-sayers, telling them that she had done a wonderful thing, a kindness that would not be overlooked.

Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her. Matthew 26:13

This act of love by a devoted woman would be recorded for all time. Jesus Christ Himself spoke of her, preserving this moment of faith for all to read.

Mary didn't walk into the room hoping for fame and popularity. She did was her faith led her to do, and because of her love and respect for Jesus Christ, she will be rewarded throughout time. These are the lasting memorials in the kingdom of God - moments when love and faith take precedence over self. The Lord takes delight in preserving and presenting these moments to the world as an example and as tribute.


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