Tri-fold Friendship Card

It's been a while since I played around with different styles of cards, so this weekend I made this tri-fold card. It was so nice to get outside my normal comfort zone and let the creativity flow.

This card unfolds to show the Bible verse inside. You can even use up some of your scraps, as this card measures only 4x4.25 inches when it's folded up.

Start with an 11x4.25 piece of card stock. Mine is textured, which means it took a little extra work to make the creases stick. Think about this when you're choosing your paper.

Score 2 inches and 3.75 inches from both ends of the card stock. This will create two folds on either end, making the flaps of your card.

Fold the outer creases to the outside and the inner creases to the inside.

Then I covered the outer parts of the flaps and the center section with card stock.

Folded up, this makes the front of your card. You can leave them like this ...

... or you can add a layer of decorator paper to dress them up.

The I matted a vellum friendship phrase on the same purple card stock and attached it to the gray card stock with 3D adhesive. Then just the left side gets permanent adhesive - otherwise your card is glued closed, and that defeats the purpose.

I attached the verse to the inside and that's it. You can get as creative as you'd like and add additional paper panels and embellishments. Just remember that the card still needs to lay flat when it's closed and put in an envelope, so don't go too crazy.

Here's my card all done and ready to go! I love this color combination.


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