Distressed Wood And Twine Frame

We've been blessed to have Danny's parents, Dennis and Charlotte, stay with us for several weeks over the past few months. They're home now, and I wanted Danny to have something special to remind him of their visit.

It's hard to keep something secret when you need help making something, but I think I did it. Now he has a distressed frame with three of his favorite people in the picture.

I started by distressing the wood, which was a brand-new piece from the home store. And by distress, I mean whack it with a hammer, making some amazing dents and scratches. Then I used a folded-over paper towel to wipe on a sedona red stain, wiping it off and smoothing it out immediately.

Once it was dry, I wrapped two of the sides in twine, tying them together in the back, and hot glued three flowers to the intersection of the twine.

The photo is adhered with pop dots from my scrapbooking supplies to make it stand out a little bit. This also makes it easy to interchange the photo whenever Danny wants to update it.

Now do I tell him that he'll have to put his own hanger on the back? Or maybe I'll just ask him to show me how to do it myself. It's so much fun to learn new things!


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