Adventures With Cookie Pans

I surprised Danny with a special cookie treat this week. Despite our healthy eating habits, we both still have a terrible sweet tooth. And a treat every now and then is more than acceptable, right? Right? This is where you say, Of course!

This cookie pan was a present to myself in a Valentine's Day sale last year, and I still hadn't gotten around to using it. But I had a special Valentine's cookie mix that I thought would work perfectly. I made the dough according to the package directions, then filled each cavity 2/3 full. After 9 1/2 minutes (yes, that's very specific, but that's the time that didn't make them too crusty or too gooey), they were absolutely perfect.

Then I had fun decorating them. For most of them, I just followed the decorations made by the pan itself, which is much more difficult than I thought it would be. And I learned that I definitely don't have the patience to be a professional decorator. On the other hand, I can dunk cookies in melted chocolate all day long. And most of the chocolate did actually make it onto the cookies - I promise.

And then I looked at Danny's plate. Apparently I could have just mounded frosting on top from the beginning and he would have been happy. I'll remember that next time.


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