Sticky Note Holder Purse

It's not very often that I get time to just sit in the craft room and play, but that's what I did Sunday afternoon. I took two hours all to myself, pulled out some fun supplies and let my imagination run wild.

You should try it. It's amazingly relaxing. The creative juices start flowing.

That's where the idea for this sticky note holder purse came from. I absolutely adore pocketbooks (you should see my closet), and these sticky notes were the perfect size to make this work.

Start by cutting a piece of 12x12 card stock slightly larger than the sticky notes. Mine ended up 5 1/4 inches wide. Yours may vary depending on the size of your stickies.

Then crease the card stock at the top and bottom edges on either side of the stickies to make the card stock wrap tightly around the paper. I usually eyeball it and mark it with my finger nail, but you can use a more precise measurement if you'd like. (I do words, not numbers.)

Then cut decorator paper to fit inside each panel that you've folded. This lets the color of the background card stock show through. I also used decorator scissors to trim both ends of the flaps.

Set two eyelets in the top skinny panel for your ribbon handle. I haven't used eyelets in a project for a very long time, so I will be now that I have them out.

Thread your ribbon through and tie it at the top for your handle. A small piece of Velcro will hold the flaps in place.

I have one more pad of sticky notes, this one in pink, so you know where I'll be for a while.


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