Spring On A Budget And Time Crunch

If you're anything like me, you don't have any extra time for the next few weeks. Easter is quickly approaching, then our church's Ladies' Jubilee, then planning for Bible School, plus all of our Spring cleaning and...and...and...

So decorating and sprucing up the house have taken a back seat to life. To correct this problem, I offer this simple, beautiful way to lighten up your home without shopping or spending any extra time.

I pulled this adorable, metal flower basket out of the attic. It has been there for ages, just waiting for Spring. If you can't see them very well, there are purple flowes and green leaves made of 3D metal all around the edges. If you look around the house (in all those nooks and crannies) you'll find the perfect container for a little decoration.

Then I found the extra green yarn I used to make our door decoration. (Look back at the post on March 8 for the details!) Never let your extra craft supplies go to waste - use your leftovers to make something equally creative. I wrapped it up a little and tucked it into the metal basket, allowing the grassy tassles to poke out through the holes

And all those paper flowers I've collected for card-making got sprinkled over the grass, blossoming in the pretty Spring grass. A few shiny aqua pebbles make the basket sparkle and add that finishing touch.

Everything I used to put this centerpiece together were already in my house, so I spent $0 on something absolutely adorable. Take 5 minutes and see what you've got available in your own collection.


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