Some Kitchen Organization - Part2

As I'm working on 400 cow cookies today, I'm so glad that I put inthe organizational efforts last week. If you'll remember, I spent a few hours one day moving all of my baking supplies out into the rolling island. That was invaluable while I was making 20 batches of sugar cookie dough yesterday.

But today I'm thrilled that the rest of the kitchen is done, too. I'm able to find everything I need, like the cooling racks and extra pot holders and towels. The spatulas are finally living together in one drawer and it all has a home to return to after being washed.

Two weeks ago I had overflowing cabinets and doors that wouldn't close. I'm ashamed to admit all of that, but I'm also pleased that this is a thing of the past.

I didn't even realize half of what we had! I held up half a dozen kitchen tools for Danny to identify - I had no idea what they did or how to use them. I learned so much, including the fact that we have an apple corer/peeler. Hmm...interesting.

And now cooking dishes are stacked according to size and purpose. Pots and pans are all in one door, bowls are organized by size and they are all arranged by how frequently I use them. It's saved so much time and energy over the past few days - no more running around the kitchen, squatting down to dig things out and asking my husband if he's seen things.

Just think of how much more efficient you can be in the kitchen when you know where everything is, it's clean and it's organized in a sensible manner. Give it a try and let me know what wonderful things come out of your kitchen! And I don't mean that bag or box that you donate to the thrift store!


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