A Fist Full Of Die Cuts

Recently I found a huge package of glittery die cuts in a beautiful spring theme. They were even on sale - 51 pieces for $1.99! And all those choices means a ton of creative opportunities!

* Use one large die cut for the focal point of a card. The more simple, the better.

* Stack coordinating die cuts to make 3D embellishments.

* Run three die cuts down the side of a card or scrapbook page for an instant border.

* Group die cuts together to make a scene.

* Raise your die cut on 3D adhesive to add some extra dimension.

* Because they are made of thicker paper, you can stand die cuts up in decorative bowls filled with rocks, marbles or other pretty filler.

* Attach your die cuts to skewers and use them to decorate with a particular theme.

* Add die cuts to school projects, bulletin boards, folders, bookmarks and stationery.


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