Some Kitchen Organization - Part 1

Have you ever been looking for something, digging all through your cabinets, and just can't find it? You've either lost it in the clutter of life or you don't have it to begin with. It's the most frustrating feeling in the world!

This has happened to me a number of times in our kitchen lately. I've wasted a ton of time looking for things that we don't even have - and even more time trying to move stuff out of the way so I can reach what we do have. (No jokes about me having too much kitchen stuff, OK?)

You can only take this disorganization for so long! This past weekend I took everything out of the kitchen cabinets and reorganized. It all got pulled out and washed, then rearranged the way it should have been done when we first moved in.

All of the baking and decorating items that we use for our catering business have been given a home in one location. In our old house we used this rolling cart as an island in the middle of a huge kitchen. The new kitchen is much smaller, so the cart was pushed around the corner into the mud room. This meant that it became a catch-all for...whatever. Not anymore! It's only being used for cake pans, cake decorating tools, cookie cutters and the mixer parts. There's even room on the top to hold the mixer itself so I don't have to move it every time I want to use it.

In just the past three days this organization has saved me both time and energy. Danny needed skewers and I knew exactly which drawer they were in - no digging required!

I made chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars for our Jubilee meeting Monday night, and having access to the mixer and pans made the task almost effortless.

All of the cookie cutters and tools I need for making fruit arrangements are in one place, so when I need them for the wedding catering job we're doing in a few weeks, I can just pull out the box. What a concept!

Next week I'll show you how I reorganized the kitchen itself - it's made a huge difference in my desire to cook and in lower my anxiety level. All because I took a couple of hours to do the work. Should have done this ages ago!


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