Where Have All the Courteous Drivers Gone?

Driving is one of our favorite things to do. Danny and I love road trips and can't wait for ours next weekend to Louisiana. There's something about the open road that just speaks to you, encouraging you to drive a little further and see what else is out there.

And then you happen upon other drivers. I don't mind sharing the road with courteous drivers, ones who use turn signals and don't talk on their cell phones while gesturing with the other hand. There are some fellow travelers who actually make driving fun again.

But it seems like wherever you go now, rude motorists follow you. Just driving the 20 minutes to church we have to spend time guessing what the cars around us are going to do.

As opposed to popular belief...I am NOT a mind reader!

So please, make the roads safe and enjoyable for everyone on the road with you by being a super-courteous driver. There's more to driving than turning the car on, pointing it in a direction and stepping on the accelerator.

* Use your turn signal - all the time. This is law almost everywhere when you are changing lanes, within 100 feet of your turn or taking an off ramp. Don't make other people nervous wondering what you're about to do in your vehicle.

* Give other drivers plenty of space. Don't hurry up and pass someone so you can exit the highway right in front of them. Don't crowd the line. And please don't tailgate. You may not get caught doing it, but you'll scare somebody half to death. (I mean me!!!)

* Keep your hands on the wheel. It's so easy to adjust the radio, eat, put a new CD in or look for something in your purse, but please don't. One little swerve can panic another driver and cause an accident. Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous and one of the easiest things not to do.

* Look around you before you do anything. Before you back out of the driveway. Before you turn the corner. Before you pass. Before you change lanes. Before you take an off ramp. Be aware of everything that's happening around you - use your mirrors, lean over and look out the windows, and even (gasp) turn your head and look some more!

* Teach the next generation the same ideas. If they don't learn anything else from our influence, we need to be teaching our teenage drivers how to be courteous and defensive on the road. It has to start with us, but it can continue for generations if we instill some common sense in new drivers.


  1. Mr. Weber -- a perfect darling in absolutely all other areas -- for some reason dislikes using his turn signal. We have had words about this. *hangs head*

    I, on the other hand, always do right when behind the wheel of a car.

    Your oceanfront property in Iowa is ready whenever you are.

  2. This Iowa girl thanks you for finding property! I saw an ocean once before my adult years.


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