On-The-Road Treats

So you're hitting the road over the holidays, but you don't have the time or the money to get snacks and meals along the way? Not a problem - packing some simple, healthy treats before you leave will save hours, dollars and pounds.

If you store your treats in plastic bags and resealable containers, you'll be able to avoid the high prices at convenience stores and the restaurants right off the interstate.

So what are the best choices for on-the-road food?

* Fresh fruits and vegetables. With a cooler this is an easy choice. Choose "easy-to-eat-in-the-car" fruits like grapes, cherries and apple slices. Oranges and bananas are fine if you peel them ahead of time. For veggies, cut up celery and carrots, then throw in some raisins and you're set!

* Dried Fruit
* Trail Mix
* Whole Grain Crackers
* Pre-popped Popcorn
* Chocolate Covered Nuts
All of these prepackaged, resealable snacks are perfect for taking in the car, as long as you're careful not to drop between the seats.

* String Cheese
* Hard-boiled Eggs.
Kept in the cooler, these are great treats that will fill you up quickly. Plus you'll get some much-needed protein and dairy.

* Granola Bars
* Toaster Pastries.
If you need a little sugar kick, use one of these healthier ways to get one. Stay away from too much chocolate (you'd hate for it to melt in the hot car) and other candy since they will just make you tired. Not a good thing when you're driving!

* Sandwiches you made right before you left.
Use really great bread (or those new sandwich thins), deli meat and cheese and a smidge of condiment to make some traveling sandwiches. Don't use anything that will fall out, though, since you may be some distance away from a place to clean up.

* Drinks.
Even though you don't want to stop at every rest stop along the way, you'll need to stay well hydrated. Pack plenty of water so you don't pay exorbitant prices along the way. Pour fruit juice into small empty water bottles to alternate with your water. And tuck in some flavored tea packets to mix in a water bottle later.

While traveling, keep all items that need to be chilled in a cooler and all others in a bag between the seats. If you're traveling with puppies like we are, put them in something zip-topped that they can't get into. I refuse to share my popcorn with anyone but Danny!


  1. This is fantastic advice! I always travel with healthy food in a cooler and a tote bag, to avoid buying junk food on fuel stops! Sometimes it actually works! LOL


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