I've Been Framed!

With all of the premade craft project starters out there, it's now super easy to make a great, creative gift. (Or decoration if you like it too much when you're done.)

This stand-up frame is a perfect example. With three pieces of paper, a few embellishments and half an hour, this frame goes together like a dream.

Technically you could make this frame yourself from scratch, but we busy women don't always have the time for that. For a couple of dollars at the craft store, this is a smart alternative.

1. Start by adhering the first sheet of paper to the frame. (Cat supervision is optional.) I used double stick tape, one of my personal favorites, but you could also use glue dots. Steer clear of wet adhesives just so the frame doesn't get soggy.

Wrap double stick tape around the inside edge of the picture opening - you'll see why in the upcoming steps.

2. Using a craft knife or a single blade from your scissors, score an X across the frame, going clear to the inner edge of the frame.

3. With that tape over the inner edge of the frame, you can now fold the flaps of the X back into the opening and they will stick. Trim them as necessary.

4. Decorate as desired.

5. Poke the tip of your scissors through the holes in the back of the top of the frame so you have tiny holes through the paper in front. Use thread, ribbon or twine to embellish the top of the frame.

6. Attach picture from the inside. Now it's ready to be put on display or wrapped and given.


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