Save at the Doctor's Office

One of the most expensive parts of our life is our health care. We often have no choice but to seek medical advice for everything from everyday injuries to chronic pain.

There are many ways to lower the amount we pay each time we visit the doctor.

1. Be informed before you walk in. Have a list of your medications, write down all of your symptoms and bring all of your insurance and medical information with you. Don't waste time or money in the office when you can bring what you need with you.

2. Find out if an appointment is even necessary. When you call the office and give your symptoms, ask if they're severe enough to warrant a trip in or if you can get some over-the-counter treatment. The receptionist may tell you to come on in, but she may also recognize right away if you've got something treatable. But always ask.

3. Ask for generics. If you could pay a fraction of the cost for a medicine that works just as well, wouldn't you ask your doctor for it?

4. Look over all your forms and bills. Make sure you know exactly which procedures, tests and labs you're being charged for and which go to insurance. If there's anything you don't understand, ask before you pay anything.

5. Check into payment plans. Doctor's offices these days have all kinds of plans implemented to make sure their patients can pay their bills. If you can't afford your bill the day you're there, ask about what payment plans they have available.

6. Change some lifestyle habits. If you take better care of yourself now, you'll be in the doctor's office less and have a better quality of life. Then you'll only visit the doctor for serious problems and save oodles of money.


  1. This is fantastic advice, Laura. I hope what congress and our president have in store for us won't make all this information irrelevant!


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