Sweet Sleep With God's Peace

There is one constant through every facet of our lives - sleep. If we don't get enough, we're cranky and irritable and of no use to anyone. If we sleep too long, we waste so much time that could be used serving the Lord. We've been sleeping since the day we were born and we'll sleep until the day we die.

But the perfect amount, that length of sleep that God knows is just what we need, will keep us going all day long.

It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Psalm 127:2

In this busy, bustling world we live in, it is not difficult to become anxious and worried as each day progresses. It is only when we go to God that He can soothe our frazzled minds - and what better way than through sleep. When we are at peace with the Lord and the world around us, we can enjoy undisturbed sleep. This rejuvenates both mind and body, making us better servants when we awake.

This verse teaches us that it is pointless to wake up early or stay up late without God's blessing. This means worrying, working too many hours and participating in living that keeps us out until all hours of the night. This brings on tension, anxiety and trouble due to the lack of good sleep.

As saved, victorious women, we are God's beloved. He delights in blessing us with all we could ever want, and that includes deep, peaceful sleep. When we trust Him as the controller of all things, it is easier to rest at night knowing we don't have to worry or plan because the Lord has it all under control.

So tonight when you crawl into bed after your busy day, give God some time. Have some heart-to-heart prayer time that gives your heart and your concerns over to Him. With your mind clear, you can sleep the sweet sleep that only God's peace gives.


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