Time Waits for No Woman

It's the beginning of the week again - do you know everything that needs to be done? There are seven days laid out before you, and Psalm 89:47 says: Remember how short my time is...

So today we'll look at what's important in the upcoming days and how to prepare.

Planning: With everything we have planned in our house over the next week, there's no way I can remember it all on my own. I sit down on Sunday afternoon and plan menus, write down notes of when things need to happen and where we need to be on each day. Then that calendar goes with me everywhere for the week.

Work Time: Because I've mapped out seven days, I already know what chores need to be done on which days, so it's easier to be on task first thing each morning. For you this may be around the house, out running errands or on the job. I feel so much more productive when I can cross things off my list and really see the progress I'm making in my own handwriting.

The Unforeseen: When planning, purposely schedule in some time for emergencies and surprises. If you're scheduling things back-to-back-to-back, there's no way you can handle all of that plus something fun that might come up. Eliminate disappointment and prepare ahead of time.

Relaxation: There's no reason to hurry through the week and then realize you've not had any time for yourself and your family. If you have to schedule in some R&R, do it! Decide that every afternoon after lunch you're going to read for 10 minutes and have a cup of tea. Set up a game time for you and the kids. It's doesn't have to be a whole afternoon of loafing around, just enough to rejuvenate yourself and be ready to move on.

Health and Wellness: If you're not watching what you eat and getting plenty of rest and exercise, the work you want to do will suffer tremendously. If you're starting to drag - drink water, walk the dogs, have some cheese and crackers or sit down for five minutes. Your body is so important, both to your daily activities and to God.

The Extra Stuff: Do you have anything interesting planned for this week? Choose something out of the ordinary or something you haven't done in years and schedule it - in writing. Our time is truly short, and we're so blessed to have an abundance of blessings to partake in. Do some brainstorming and have fun!

Organize for the Future: Lord willing, there's another week coming up after this one. Do you want it to go more smoothly than the one before? Take a few minutes each day to make next week easier. File away the coupons you didn't use this week and plan meals around them. Get all of those appointment cards out of your purse and off the fridge and get them written down in your calendar. Make phone calls now and plan something exciting for next weekend. A little work now can make things a breeze down the road.


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