A Spiritual House Cleaning

Today we're not going to talk about doing a hint of housework...unless you're led to. This isn't a list of chores...unless you make it one. The subject I'm writing about here may not even affect you...unless you let it.

We strive daily to make our homes a safe-haven and a place of refuge. With the cleaning and fixing and arranging we do we often overlook some of the trouble spots.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17, Paul said: Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are new. Are there things in your home that shouldn't be? Are there remnants of that former life that haven't been removed, or are there some that you've let creep back in?

Let's go room by room and see what might be lingering.

Living Room: Are there DVDs or CDs that aren't appropriate and fitting for your life as a Christian woman? This is the time to weed out based on language and content - anything that's not glorifying to God goes!

Bedroom: Are there books under the bed that you're ashamed to have out on the shelf? There might be some that are fine and clean, but you've been using them to fill your heart instead of God's Word. These need to be purged and replaced with Scripture and books to feed your soul.

Kitchen: Are there food and beverages in the fridge and cabinets that are feeding your appetites and your waistline? Common sense says there should be no alcohol in a Christ-led home, but what about huge amounts of sugar and processed food? Clearing out all the junk food and making room for healthy, nutritious food can cleanse everyone in the house.

Closets: Are there clothes in your closets that either don't fit you properly or shouldn't be worn outside the house? A wardrobe makeover may be in order if there are some questionable items hanging in front of you every day. Remember modesty and Godliness in all you wear, but that doesn't mean baggy and unappealing. It simply means dressing well and appropriately.

Computer Room: Are there games, pictures, websites and other files on your computer that don't need to be there? They may not be filthy in any way, but they're just time-wasters and distractions. Some entertainment in the day is good, but not if it takes us away from God.

Garage: Are there cars in your garage that need to be cleaned out? I don't mean physically cleared out, but take a look at how you drive. The "old man" speeds, doesn't use turn signals, multi-tasks while behind the wheel and is generally discourteous to those driving near them. You may not have an "I'm a Christian" bumper sticker on your vehicle, but God sees the motives behind everything you do, even behind the wheel.

There is always room for improvement in our home, an the first step is identifying what needs to be addressed. I pray you'll take inventory of the "old things" in your home and replace them with the new through Jesus Christ.


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