Is Your Pet Pampered?

Now I know that my dogs are a little can tell by the way they jiggle when they walk. And Cayenne is no exception - she has me wrapped around her little paw. But when trying to decide if you just love you pets a lot or they're truly too pampered, ask yourself these questions:
* Are your pet's clothes making a better fashion statement than your own?
* Do you hire someone to walk your dog because you don't think you could make it around the block?
* Does your pet get more massage than you do?
* Do you provide steps to get into your bed instead of letting them sleep on the floor?
* Was your pet's food last night higher quality than what you fed your family?
* Have you ever thought about purchasing vitamin water for your pet?
* Do you let the cat lay across you arm until your finger loses all blood flow?
* When you go on vacation, do you leave your animals at a luxury resort - which is nicer than where you're going?
* How many accessories does your pet have compared to what you have?
* Do your pets receive better gifts for the holidays than you do?
* Have you ever purchased a cookbook for doggie treats?
* Do you harass the kids about picking their stuff up off the floor, and then realize it's all cat toys?
* Have you ever visited
* Would you be disturbed if you dog chewed on a stick instead of the 27 toys laying in the yard around her?
* Do you own a talking dog bowl that comforts your dog while you're away?
* When you get in bed at night, do you maneuver yourself so you don't disturb anything four-legged?
* Did you ever consider buying a pet stroller instead of letting them walk?
* Are you aware of the fact that there are "doggie diaper bags?"
* Do you have more pictures of the cats and dogs than the rest of your family?
* Have they ever had anything custom-made?

We're going out for a walk now, and then I think we'll chase a stick for a while. Care to join us?


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