Positively Precious Pop-Up Cards

After making all kinds of flat cards and cards with 3D elements on the front, it's time to move on to something more eye-catching.

The dimensional effects on this pop-up card are made with simple stands cut through the inner paper of the card. Gather some coordinating paper, double stick tape, scissors, a paper cutter and some stickers and die cuts in your selected theme.

1. Cut a piece of cardstock for the base of your card. You want a stronger, stiffer piece of paper because you'll be cutting into in a minute.

2. Mark pairs of lines on the back of the folded card. Each pair will be cut and folded to make stair steps inside. Draw as many pairs as you would like steps inside.

3. Cut up each line, but do not cut across. You want them cut but not separated from the paper.

4. Push the now loose stands in through the slot so they stick out on the inside of the card. Fold the card and crease the steps so they will stand up when the card is opened.

5. The inside of your card should now have little stands. You can decorate the tops and the sides of the steps so your designs will POP up when opened. Make sure your 3D elements don't stick outside of the edges of the card, or it won't fit in the envelope.

6. To cover up the slits you made in the cardstock, cover the back of the card with decorator paper. Then decorate the outside and inside with coordinating papers, inks and embellishments.


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