Frugal Fall Flair

I absolutely refuse to spend gobs of money every season redecorating our house. It's already fall and before we know it winter will be here - I'll just have to put something else up in a few weeks.

But we want our homes to reflect the season, the holiday...and our budget. These pretty fall vases are just one example of how a little can go a long way.

Gather up:
2 glass vases - preferably something you already have or can get at the dollar store. Remember - we're being frugal.
A bag of river rocks - perhaps left over from the fall centerpiece we made three weeks ago (check it out if you didn't see it).
Apples - the number will vary depending on the size of your vases.
2 fall floral picks - the dollar store is a great place to find a variety of these.
Pine cones as needed

1. Cut apart the floral stems and take inventory of all your items. Divide them evenly between the two vases.

2. Layer rocks in the bottom of each vase.

3. Begin alternating apples, pine cones and larger leaves and flowers into vases.

4. Once the largest pieces are in place, fill in the crevices with the tiny flowers, leaves and pine cones. Be careful not to cover up the apples in the middle, as they are probably the focal point of your piece.

In the coming months, switch out the fall pieces for snow and Christmas bulbs. Pull out daisies and green leaves for spring. Replace the rocks with sand in the summer and put in oranges and sea shells.


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