Getting Price Tags Ready For An Upcoming Craft Show

In less than two weeks, on September 24, Stuff From Trees will have a booth at the Ottumwa Community Market. It's been close to a year since we've been to a show, so I've been prepping for a few weeks. One of the major projects is updating price tags, like these on Danny's pens and pencils. 

With many different kinds of products, all made from different combinations of wood and paper, there are different kinds of price tags for each. While I would never consider individually pricing cards or bookmarks or tags, there are many different ways I can let customers know their prices.

Many of our tiny pieces are packaged in different sizes of plastic bags. This protects them from sun and dampness, and it also makes them perfect for those small garage sale stickers. I write the price on them in Sharpie and stick them to the back of each bag. They can be quickly and easily removed at the cash register, and then they're packaged and ready to give as a gift or kept safe until the customer gets them home.

I'm also a big fan of these handmade chalkboard signs. I can write a specific category and price on each one, then erase and change them as those items sell out. I'm all about simple, and I'd hate for a guest at our booth to walk away empty-handed because they didn't know a price. Have you seen any pricing systems at shows that you thought were especially clever?


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