Do This Before You Buy One More Fall Decoration

Are you one of those people who can't resist buying new decorations for every changing season? I refuse to answer, on the chance I would incriminate myself. Let's just say I've decided that this fall I'm doing something different. I'm going to shop for autumn decorations in my own house, taking inventory of what I already have, before I even consider walking up and down those aisles at the craft store.

I'd guess you probably have some storage boxes that look like this, too. Mine is filled with fall leaves, wreaths, an occasional football and lots of baskets, mugs and lights. This is a good place to start - who knows what's in the bottom of that tote?

Instead of bringing home new floral stems or arrangements, use some colors and styles that you already have. They might now be traditional fall flowers and leaves, but they'll blend in nicely and be a breath of fresh air.

Start thinking about how you can bring the outdoors in. This is one of my favorite paintings that Danny has ever created, on a mirror, and it goes perfectly with the leaf and branch candle holders.

Raid your craft room to find all the loveliness you have tucked away. In just this one notions drawer, I found burlap, textured ribbon, wired ribbon and lace in some beautiful fall combinations. There's a wreath form in that storage box that these would look great on.

And, of course, I've discovered so many papers, stickers and other embellishments in my paper crafts. Much of it is just bits and pieces, which will be perfect for some fall cards, tags and bookmarks. Whatever I have left over when my creativity runs out can be bagged up and sold at our next show as supplies.

Speaking of shows, I'm planning to have a booth at our local community market sometime in September, and we'll have all these beautiful autumn pieces for sale. I can't wait to share Danny's wood gifts and my paper crafts with you, and it makes me smile to think about you enjoying each one of them in your own homes.

I hope this has been an inspiration for you, just like it was for me. So get up, go exploring and see what fall finds are waiting all around your own house. Talk about an adventure!


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