My "Agape Love" Planner Layout

Sometimes you just need a word from God. This is one of those times, and my planner is the perfect place to put it.There is so much love covering each of us, straight from God's heart to ours, and sometimes we're just too blinded by the circumstances of the moment to pay attention.

That's why I want to slow my week down and turn my eyes and heart to that agape love that can only come from God. As these die cuts and images so beautifully put it, His love is steadfast, unfailing, everlasting and totally unconditional. It's that love that abounds and believes in us, especially when we don't believe in ourselves.

I don't know what you're facing this week, but I pray that you'll be purposefully aware of the agape love that God is lavishing on you, even as you're reading these words. His love will never change, never go anywhere and never diminish. With that truth firmly before us, let's walk into this week with confidence - not in ourselves, but in God's agape love.


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