Ways To Attach Scripture And Phrases To Your Cards

It's just two days until Stuff From Trees has a booth set up at the Ottumwa Community Market! (Shameless self-promotion: Saturday from 8-2 at St. Paul Lutheran Church) It's been months since I had a show booth, so I'm super excited, and I'm looking forward to getting our handmade pieces into the hands of people who will love them and use them.

I'm spending the last week before the show stocking up our inventory of handmade cards. Almost all of them have KJV Scripture on them or in them, and it's fun to find new ways to attach these verses and phrases. I usually mat or double mat them in coordinating colors if they're on the inside. Double stick tape is my best friend.

It's always a challenge to creatively add Scripture to card fronts. I refuse to glue a picture to a piece of paper - so boring - so I'll often use 3D adhesive to give phrases and images some dimension. You can see the shadow in this picture, and it's only about a quarter of an inch off the page.

I'm a huge fan of fibers, as can be proven by my overflowing thread and ribbon drawer. A great way to use a good amount at a time and add some texture to the page is to string a phrase or image on it. Here I wrapped a coordinating green thread around the front of the card three times, threaded the phrase through a punched hole and tied a really good knot. You can leave it hanging or you can adhere it so it won't move.

I have tons of tiny embellishments all sorted out in organizing containers, so it's easy to find a couple of them for attaching my Bible verses. Here I used two metal brads and folded back the tabs before using double stick tape to tack it down. If I haven't tacked down the whole front of the card yet, I can stick the brads all the way through so they'll be hidden. It just depends on what look I'm going for. What inspiration does this give you for your own papercraft projects today?


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