How And Why I Pray Over Our Business

It's less than 24 hours until our first craft show in a very long time kicks off. I'm a little nervous, a lot excited and so blessed to be able to present our work to the world. Some of our tried-and-true customers are planning to be there, and I can't wait to meet a lot of new, potential friends, too.

So all this week I've been praying specifically for this event. But before you think I'm praying that we'll make a ton of money and retire to the islands, I have certain business-centered prayers that are always on my heart.

But first, why do I even pray for our business in the first place?

Why #1 - God has given us gifts, and it's our responsibility to be good stewards of them. Without the skills and interests that naturally live in our hearts, placed there by God, we wouldn't even be doing what we do. I know for me, personally, I get heavy and weighed down when I'm not making something. I know that crafting is an outlet placed in my brain and my heart by a God who delights in seeing what I do with what He's given me. 

Why #2 - The extra bit of income goes back into our business as well as our home. Not only am I doing what God wants me to do by honing my skills, but I can also supplement our incomes a little and use that money around the house. I think of the Proverbs 31 woman and all she did to make her home both functional and beautiful, and some of that included a side hustle or two. My prayer is that we'll be wise with our finances and use what we make to make a difference.

Why #3 - My God is passionate about what I'm passionate about. Scripture says that He delights in us, so I can pray for creativity, support from our friends and family, interactive customers and special, custom orders with complete confidence that He will honor those requests. And it will be for no other reason than because He loves what I love, because what I desire comes from what He desires for me.

So here are just three ways I pray for Stuff From Trees:

How #1 - Creation is a God-thing, and I pray for creativity constantly. Nothing I make comes from my own brain, this I know! When I pray for creativity, I know that something fun and special is going to happen. The reason our customers enjoy coming to see us is that we're doing something different, and they want to be a part of that.

How #2 - I pray for the right person to buy the right piece, whether it's for themselves or for a gift. There will be someone coming to the market tomorrow who has never met us before, or even heard of Stuff From Trees before, and they're going to come to our booth and find something special that they didn't know they were missing. God already knows that we will be there, and He will bring the specific person for that specific peace and it will be a perfect match.

How #3 - The success of our business relies entirely on God, so I always thank Him in advance for what He's going to do. I do this in every area of my prayer life to begin with, but it's extra special around a show. Whatever He has in store for us is already perfect and already planned, so I want to start thanking Him as quickly as I can. It's not about me - it never has been - so I'd rather give Him all the honor and glory for what He's going to do.

If you're interested in seeing what Stuff From Trees is all about, come to the Ottumwa Community Market on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1524 N. Court St. It would be a pleasure to see you!


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