What The Book Of James Says About Making Godly Choices

Do you have decisions that need to be made in the coming days, weeks or months? The guidance you need for making the best choices possible can be found between the covers of your Bible. It may sound cliché, but everything you need for making a godly choice in right there on those pages. In black and white. Without exception.

The book of James in the New Testament is a great place to start, as this letter was written by one of Jesus' brothers to a church where they weren't living holy lives. These poor choices were affecting everyone around them, especially their brothers and sisters in Christ, so James wrote very plainly about how to make better decisions. Read on for a few examples of God's wisdom for putting Him first in all your choices.

* Before all else, pray and ask God for His wisdom. (1:5)
* Ask believing, not double-minded or wavering (1:6-8)
* Decide whether your choice will help you endure temptation or give in to it. (1:12)
* Take time to consider whether you want the good and perfect gifts from God, or if you'll take whatever you can get. (1:17)
* Instead of acting immediately, listen well before you speak or act in anger. (1:19)
* Be willing to look through Scripture for guidance, but then be willing to do what you find there. (1:22)
* Have you talked about it more than you've prayed about it? (1:26)
* Think about whether this choice will pull you away from the spotted-ness of the world or draw you toward it. (1:27)
* Don't make exceptions or excuses for keeping one little sin in your life. (2:10)
* Ask yourself if this decision, these works, will display your faith for all to see. (2:17)
* If you make this choice, will it grow fruit of righteousness and peace? (3:18)

And this is just in the first three chapters! I encourage you to finish the next two chapters and add your own truth to this list. My prayer for this week is that each of us will make choices and decisions that will bring God honor and glory, so He can use us as His hands and feet here on earth. With our obedience, the rest is up to Him.


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