My “Using Small Embellishments” Planner Layouts

It may be a small thing in the bigger picture of life, but have you ever noticed that after you've used all your favorite stickers in your planner, that there are tons of little ones left? As I was putting together my last few weeks of Christmas and winter layouts, I realized that all the big phrases were gone and only the small images remained. So here's how I used them!

On my second hot cocoa layout, I used the tiny cups like table scatter across the two pages. This fills in the white space and moves your eyes over the whole spread.

Normally I match the larger images up with one or two small ones, like these branches with words and snowflakes with words. I'm not a big fan of "just putting a sticker on a piece of paper," so layers and clusters make my heart happy.

And for this layout, I had a few tiny scraps of decorator paper that I loved, and I layered them together in three places. Then I accented them with the smallest of heart stickers, the last in that sticker book. Not only did I use up some supplies that I might not normally choose, I have some adorable pages for the Advent season.


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