My “Christmas Diorama” Planner Layouts

Remember those shoebox dioramas we used to make in elementary school? I think I had one with forest wildlife and one with dinosaurs. It was those dioramas I had in mind when I made this week’s planner layouts. I have so many adorable sticker sets for winter and Christmas that made picturesque little scenes, like these little girls and that adorable fawn!

For Tuesday and Wednesday, my shoebox is full of snowy trees, snowmen and two beautiful cardinals. The two layouts are very similar, from the garlands at the top to the placement of the pine cones and the poinsettias. Facing pages don’t have to be identical to coordinate perfectly.

Hello, Santa! Holly and jolly is the way to go. I think the Christmas present washi tape in three places cover the lines and hearts that don’t go with my layout. It’s one of those creative ways to change up a pre-printed page with very little effort.

I can’t tell you how much I love these two pages. I combined the four silhouette stickers with two square phrases, a farmhouse-style wreath and some 3D poinsettias. They’re just so pretty and elegant, something completely different from the winter pages earlier in the week. How will you make special planner pages this week?


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