Make Your Puppy’s Christmas Gift Special This Year

Everyone loves to spoil their pets at Christmas. Watch the television and online ads and you’ll see all kinds of ideas for what to get. Here are a few ideas to make your dog's Christmas - or gifts for a friend's pet - even more special this year.

* Head to the dollar store and stock up on all those fun little toys. They usually have a variety, and I don't mind if they get torn to shreds because they are only $1 each.

* Use this opportunity to replace old, smelly beds and blankets. Give the floor a good, deep cleaning and lay out all the new, pretty puppy linens!

* While you're baking away in the kitchen, make some homemade treats for your four-legged friends. Click on on the Pets tab at the bottom of this story to find some fun recipes and packaging.

* Sometimes all our dogs want is some attention! Plan an afternoon play date and invite all your friends' dogs. Bring a puppy gift to trade, and everyone will be happy.

* To keep the spoiling going, look for a fun subscription box. They come to your door every month, and you can choose your dog's favorite kind of toys and treats to be included. Why should we be the only ones to get happy mail?

Put them all in a big basket and leave it under the tree for Christmas morning. I let them sniff the basket and pull out whatever they want to play with first. This is always fun with our four dogs, but at least they don't fight or eat each other. That's always a bonus.


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