A Christmas Bow Napkin Fold

Here is that beautiful touch your Christmas dinner table needs next week! Turn a patterned square napkin into a gorgeous bow in less than two minutes. Ready? Here it is.

Lay the napkin flat, upside down.

Fold the bottom point to the top point. (You'll find out if your napkin is truly square!)

Fold the top down about two-thirds of the way.

Fold the bottom up about halfway across the new shape.

Fold up one more time so the bottom edge meets the top edge.

Bring each end of the folded napkin in, so they cross each other and make that "ribbon" shape.

Tuck both the bow and the tail from one side through the napkin ring.

Turn the bow over and floof as necessary. And there it is - less than two minutes for a beautiful bow! I can't wait to see this napkin on your Christmas table.


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