Last-Minute Group Gifts For Just $4

It never fails - I think I have all my gift-buying done, but then I realize there's one more group I'd like to have something for. Here's a fun and simple way to let those special someones know you're thinking about them, and you don't have to break the bank to share your love. 

Included in each little packet are an ornament, a candy cane and a greeting card tag, all tied together with seasonal ribbon. And there's plenty of room to write a holiday message on the back of the tag!

I found all of these bits at the dollar store, and I already had the card stock, so I was able to make the exact number of gifts I needed for just $4.

I tied the candy cane to the center of the ornament with a double knot, just to make sure it wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't get broken. The ornaments came in a package of 12, and there were 12 candy canes in a box, so I know it was meant to be!

Then I decorated the tags and tied them to the candy cane before making a sweet little bow.

The finished product is an adorable gift that can be read, eaten and hung on the tree! I pray that each person who received one will be blessed this Christmas season.


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