Christmas Dinner When There’s Just Two Of You

Television and movies make us think that we have to have a house packed to the rafters to have a truly memorable Christmas. But for many of us, that just isn't the case. While we'd love to have a big family Christmas or invite every single person we know over to the house this weekend, it may just not be feasible. 

Did you realize you can have a wonderful, joyous, very merry Christmas when it's just the two of you? There have been many Christmases in our marriage when we weren't able to get away for the holidays because of our jobs, or our families' schedules or for health and travel reasons. Our response was to make Christmas just as special for each other as we would have with a room full of our favorite people.

And how can you do that for yourself this year?

* Pull out an old cookbook, choose a couple of recipes together and then head to the kitchen for some tag-team holiday cooking.
* Plan the same meals you would make if everyone was there, just cut back on the portions.
* Plan and fix the same sized meal you would normally make and package the rest up to give to someone celebrating alone.
* Indulge in some fancier dishes that you might not make for a group, just to spoil each other.
* Instead of roasting a huge turkey, make a whole chicken in the slow cooker or roast two Cornish game hens.
* Since you'll probably regret making a whole pie and then eating all of said pie in one day, make mini pieces or hand pies in several flavors.
* Pick non-Christmas-y meals and figure out how to make them holiday-themed.
* Use your best dinnerware for two, or find some fun and nostalgic plates and glasses to make the day more special.
* Decide on a special theme this year - like an international Christmas or Christmas in New Orleans - and play it up to the hilt!

What are some dinner-for-two ideas you've used before?


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