Glory To God In The Highest!

We tend to fall into the trap of glitz and glamor as we decorate and prepare for the holidays - more is more and more is better, right? Watching commercials and seeing ads and lists and other people's Christmas creations makes us feel like we're not making a big enough production out of things.

But in all honesty, not every Christmas moment has to be filled with glitter and garland and noise-makers. Yes, I'm celebrating Advent. Yes, I'm decorating the house. Yes, I'm shopping for presents. But I'm also taking time for the most important part of Christmas.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. Luke 2:14

Glory: Dignity, honor, praise, worship. These words are to be applied to God and God alone. If the angels can do nothing but praise the Lord, how much more should we?

Highest: The Supreme, the heavens, the most high. There is no one who can compare to our Lord, and the angels singing this song of praise wanted nothing more than to give Him all the glory.

Peace: Prosperity, rest, at one. The opposite of striving, hurrying and trying to do more. We're not called to bustle around - we're called to find peace in the One who is Peace.

Good will: Satisfaction, kindness, purpose, desire, pleasure. Following God's example of love and compassion to mankind by going so far as to give His Son for us, we should be able to love our neighbors during the Christmas season - and all year long. 

As you read the Christmas story over the next few weeks, I pray you'll discover even more reasons to give God the glory due Him. Consider it a challenge to slow down and give Him praise where praise is due.


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