A Children's Board Book Becomes A Fun Christmas Gift!

Oh my goodness, I am so in love with this darling little Christmas book! It started out as a board book from the dollar store, but now it's the perfect gift and decor piece for the holiday season.

The only part of the creative process that isn't especially creative is covering the book with decorator paper. Since the book is only 2.5 inches square, I was able to use a bunch of my scrap paper, which is an added bonus! When I cover board books, I use a long, thin piece of paper to cover the sine first, then add thee front and back covers. You'll see this better in some of the other photos.

Then each page gets it's own decorator paper. I think some of these patterns have been in my Christmas box for at least a decade. So that's fun.

For the decorations, I used the Christmas Advent Joy printable from Chela Creates for the Community Bible Journaling Advent Calendar at AllieScraps.com. Not only are they stinkin' cute, they're the perfect size to hang over the edges of the book a little.

So each page has a character or a word, with little parts of the image overlapping the edge of the book.

Look how cute and festive the pages are!

Don't you just want to cuddle them?

And you can't forget about the back! Aren't these the perfect die cuts for this paper? It was meant to be.

Once all the images were in place, I ran a piece of white ribbon through the spine of the book and tied a pretty bow.

Then I finished each page off with a 3D, jeweled snowflake for some added texture and fun. 

What do you have in your Christmas crafts collection that you could get creative with today?


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